asremlPlus: Augments the Use of 'ASReml-R' in Fitting Mixed Models

Assists in automating the testing of terms in mixed models when 'asreml' is used to fit the models. The content falls into the following natural groupings: (i) Data, (ii) Object manipulation functions, (iii) Model modification functions, (iv) Model testing functions, (v) Model diagnostics functions, (vi) Prediction production and presentation functions, (vii) Response transformation functions, and (viii) Miscellaneous functions. A history of the fitting of a sequence of models is kept in a data frame. Procedures are available for choosing models that conform to the hierarchy or marginality principle and for displaying predictions for significant terms in tables and graphs. The package 'asreml' provides a computationally efficient algorithm for fitting mixed models using Residual Maximum Likelihood. It can be purchased from 'VSNi' <> as 'asreml-R', who will supply a zip file for local installation/updating.

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AuthorChris Brien <>.
Date of publication2016-09-16 12:50:20
MaintainerChris Brien <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addrm.terms.asrtests: Adds or removes the specified set terms from either the fixed...

alldiffs: Forms an object of S3-class 'alldiffs' that stores the...

angular: Applies the angular transformation to proportions.

angular.mod: Applies the modified angular transformation to a vector of...

asremlPlus-deprecated: Deprecated Functions in Package asremlPlus

asremlPlus-package: Augments the Use of 'ASReml-R' in Fitting Mixed Models

asrtests: Forms an object of S3-class 'asrtests' that stores a fitted...

choose.model.asrtests: Determines the set of significant terms taking into account...

info.crit.asreml: Computes AIC and BIC for a model.

newfit.asreml: refits an asreml model with modified model formula using...

newrcov.asrtests: Fits a new rcov formula using 'asreml'.

num.recode: Recodes the unique values of a vector using the values in a...

permute.square: Permutes the rows and columns of a square matrix. Permutes a square matrix until all the lower triangular...

plotvariofaces.asreml: plot empirical variogram faces, including envelopes, from...

power.transform: Perform a combination of a linear and power transformation on...

predictiondiffs.asreml: Uses information in a supplied alldiffs object to forms all...

predictionplot.asreml: This function plots the predictions for a term, possibly with...

predictparallel.asreml: Uses an asreml object and a to form the predictions...

pred.present.asreml: This function forms the predictions for each significant term...

print.alldiffs: Prints the values in an 'alldiffs' object in a nice format.

print.asrtests: Prints the values in an 'asrtests' object Recalculates the denDF, and P values for a table of...

reml.lrt.asreml: Performs REML likelihood ratio test.

rmboundary.asrtests: Removes any boundary or singular variance components from the...

setvarianceterms.asreml: allows the seting of constraints and initial values for terms...

sig.devn.reparam.asrtests: This function reparamterizes each random (deviations) term...

simulate.asreml: Produce sets of simulated data from a multivariate normal...

testranfix.asrtests: Tests for a single fixed or random term in model fitted using...

testrcov.asrtests: Fits a new rcov formula using 'asreml' and tests whether the...

testswapran.asrtests: Tests, using a REMLRT, whether the difference between current...

variofaces: plot empirical variogram faces, including envelopes, as...

WaterRunoff.dat: Data for an experiment to investigate the quality of water...

Wheat.dat: Data for an experiment to investigate 25 varieties of wheat


addrm.terms.asreml Man page
addrm.terms.asrtests Man page
alldiffs Man page
angular Man page
angular.mod Man page
asremlPlus Man page
asremlPlus-deprecated Man page
asremlPlus-package Man page
asrtests Man page
choose.model.asreml Man page
choose.model.asrtests Man page
info.crit Man page
info.crit.asreml Man page
newfit.asreml Man page
newrcov.asrtests Man page
num.recode Man page
permute.square Man page Man page
plotvariofaces.asreml Man page
power.transform Man page
predictiondiffs.asreml Man page
predictionplot.asreml Man page
predictparallel.asreml Man page
pred.present.asreml Man page
print.alldiffs Man page
print.asrtests Man page Man page Man page
reml.lrt Man page
reml.lrt.asreml Man page
rmboundary.asreml Man page
rmboundary.asrtests Man page
setvarianceterms.asreml Man page
sig.devn.reparam.asreml Man page
sig.devn.reparam.asrtests Man page
simulate.asreml Man page
testranfix.asreml Man page
testranfix.asrtests Man page
testrcov.asreml Man page
testrcov.asrtests Man page
testswapran.asreml Man page
testswapran.asrtests Man page
variofaces.asreml Man page
WaterRunoff.dat Man page
Wheat.dat Man page

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