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Using p-values from hypothesis tests, determines the set of significant terms, taking into account the hierarchy or marginality of terms. In particular, a term will not be tested if it is marginal to (or nested in) one that is significant. For example, if A:B is significant, then neither A nor B will be tested. The tests conducted in choosing selected model are listed in a summary data.frame.


chooseModel(object, ...)



an object using which p-values can be obtained for use in model selection.


further arguments passed to or from other methods.


chooseModel is the generic function for the chooseModel method. Use methods("chooseModel") to get all the methods for the chooseModel generic.

chooseModel.asrtests is a method for an asrtests.object. It uses testranfix.asrtests to conduct tests to determine the p-values used in the model selection. is a method for a data.frame. It uses the p-values stored in the data.frame in the model selection.


Chris Brien

See Also

chooseModel.asrtests, chooseModel.asrtests, changeModelOnIC.asrtests, testranfix.asrtests

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