asremlPlusTips: The randomly-presented, startup tips.

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The intermittent, randomly-presented, startup tips.

Startup tips

Need help? The manual is a vignette and is in the vignettes subdirectory of the package's install directory.

Find out what has changed in asremlPlus: enter news(package = 'asremlPlus').

Need help getting started? Enter vignette(package = 'asremlPlus').

To avoid start-up message that ASReml-R is needed, load asreml before asremlPlus.

The methods for alldiffs and data.frame do not require asreml

Use suppressPackageStartupMessages() to eliminate all package startup messages.

To see all the intermittent, randomly-presented, startup tips enter ?asremlPlusTips.

To install the latest version: go to

For versions between CRAN releases (and more) go to


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