Defines functions print.callr_error new_callr_error

Documented in new_callr_error

#' Create an error object
#' There are two kinds of errors, both have class `callr_error`:
#' 1. the first one is thrown after a timeout: `callr_timeout_error`.
#' 2. the second one is thrown after an R error (in the other session):
#'    `callr_status_error`.
#' @param out The object returned by [run()].
#' @param msg An extra message to add to the error message.
#' @keywords internal

new_callr_error <- function(out, msg = NULL) {
  error_msg <- paste0(
    if (out$timeout) "callr timed out" else "callr subprocess failed",
    if (!is.null(msg)) paste0(": ", msg) else if (!out$timeout) ":"

  cond <- new_error(paste(error_msg))

  class(cond) <- c(
    if (out$timeout) "callr_timeout_error" else "callr_status_error",

  cond$status <- out$status
  cond$stdout <- out$stdout
  cond$stderr <- out$stderr


#' @export

print.callr_error <- function(x, ...) {

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