bin_curve: Bins a single scan curve into peaks automatically

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bin_curveR Documentation

Bins a single scan curve into peaks automatically


This is an internal function used to select markers for the pair scan based on single scan results. The algorithm first finds the difference between all runs of all positive and all negative values. It smooths the curve and identifies peaks exceeding the threshold defined by amp_min.


bin_curve(the_curve, plot_peaks = FALSE, window_size = NULL, amp_min = NULL)



vector representing the curve to be binned into peaks


default = FALSE


A numeric value setting how many markers should be included in each window. If NULL, the window size is set to the maximum number of consecutive rises or falls in the curve


A numeric value indicating the minimum magnitude of a peak. All peaks below this magnitude will be removed. If NULL amp_min is set to the sd of the curve/2.


This function returns a list with the following elements: bins: a vector the same length as the input curve identifying which peak each position was assigned to. smoothed_curve: A vector defining the smoothed curve window_size: The input window_size or the calculated window_size if window_size was NULL amp_min: the input amp_min or calculated amp_min if amp_min was NULL

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