catlearn-package: Formal Modeling for Psychology.

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Formal Modeling for Psychology.


Formal psychological models, independently-replicated data sets against which to test them, and simulation archives.


For a complete list of functions, use library(help = "catlearn").

For a complete table of simulations, use data(thegrid).

All functions are concisely documented, use the help function e.g ?shin92.

For more detailed documentation, see the references listed by the help documentation.

For a tutorial introduction, see Wills et al. (2016a).

For a guide to contributing to this package, Catlearn Research Group (2016).


Andy Wills

Maintainer: Andy Wills


Catlearn Research Group (2016). Contributing to catlearn.

Wills, A.J., O'Connell, G., Edmunds, C.E.R. & Inkster, A.B. (2016). Progress in modeling through distributed collaboration: Concepts, tools, and category-learning examples. The Psychology of Learning and Motivation.

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