nosof88exalcove: Simulation of CIRP nosof88 with ex-ALCOVE model

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Simulation of CIRP nosof88 with ex-ALCOVE model


Runs a simulation of the nosof88 CIRP using the slpALCOVE model implementation as an exemplar model and nosof88train as the input representation.


  nosof88exalcove(params = NULL)



A vector containing values for c, phi, la, and lw, in that order, e.g. params = c(2.1, 0.6, 0.09, 0.9). See slpALCOVE for an explanation of these parameters. Where params = NULL, best-fitting parameters are derived from optimzation archive nosof88exalcove_opt


An exemplar-based simulation using slpALCOVE and nosof88train. The co-ordinates for the radial-basis units are taken from the multdimensional scaling solution for these stimuli reported by Nosofsky (1987).

Other parameters of slpALCOVE are set as follows: r = 2, q = 1, initial alpha = 1 / (number of input dimensions), initial w = 0. These values are conventions of modeling with ALCOVE, and should not be considered as free parameters. They are set within the nosof88exalcove function, and hence can't be changed without re-writing the function.

This simulation is reported in Wills & O'Connell (n.d.).


A matrix of predicted response probabilities, in the same order and format as the observed data contained in nosof88.


Andy Wills & Garret O'Connell


Nosofsky, R.M. (1987). Attention and learning processes in the identification and categorization of integral stimuli, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 13, 87-108.

Wills, A.J. & O'Connell (n.d.). Averaging abstractions. Manuscript in preparation.

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