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Convert nominal-dimension input representation into a 'padded' (slpSUSTAIN) format


Changes a nominal-dimension input representation (e.g. 3 1 2) into a padded representation (e.g. 001 100 010). This form out input representation is required by e.g. slpSUSTAIN.


convertSUSTAIN(input, dims)



A matrix containing the nominal-dimension input representation. Each row is a trial and each column is a stimulus dimension.


A vector of the number of nominal values for each dimension. For example, if there are three dimensions with three, one and two possible values, then dims = c(3, 1, 2).


Returns a matrix containing the padded input representation.


Lenard Dome, Andy Wills

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## Create a dummy training matrix with two dimensions. The first
## two dimensions have two possible nominal values, while the
## third and fourth have three possible nominal values.

dummy <- cbind(matrix(sample(1:2, 20, replace=TRUE), ncol = 2),
               matrix(sample(1:3, 20, replace=TRUE), ncol = 2))

## Specify the number of nominal spaces for each dimension
dims <- c(2, 2, 3, 3)

## Convert the input representation into a binary padded representation
convertSUSTAIN(dummy, dims)

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