nosof94oat: Ordinal adequacy test for simulations of nosof94 CIRP

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Ordinal adequacy test for simulations of nosof94 CIRP


Tests whether a model output passes the ordinal adequacy criteria for the nosof94 CIRP.


  nosof94oat(dta, xtdo=FALSE)



Matrix containing model output. The matrix must have the same format, row order, and column names, as data(nosof94); with that proviso, the output of any simulation implementation can be handled by this function.


eXTenDed Output: Either TRUE or FALSE


This function implements a standard ordinal adequacy test for the nosof94 CIRP. Specifically, a model passes this test if the mean errors (averaged across blocks), obey the following:

I < II < [III, IV, V] < VI

Note that '[III, IV, V]' indicates that the these three problems can be in any order of difficulty (or all be of equal difficulty), as long as all three are harder than Problem 2 and all three are easier than Problem 6.

Alternatively, by setting xtdo to TRUE, this function returns the mean classification error by Problem type.


Where xtdo=FALSE, this function returns TRUE if the ordinal adequacy tests are passed, and FALSE otherwise.

Where xtdo=TRUE, this function returns a summary matrix, containing mean errors (across blocks) for each of the six problem types.


Andy Wills

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