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Simulator: seq-gen


This allows you to use seq-gen to simulate finite sites mutation models. When using seq-gen, coala will simulate ancestral tress using the other simulators, and call seq-gen to simulate finite sites mutations using the trees. Seq-gen has a low priority, but will always be used when finite sites mutation models are used.


activate_seqgen(binary = NULL, priority = 100)



The path of the seqgen binary that will be used for simulations. If none is provided, coala will look for a binary called 'seqgen' or 'seq-gen' using the PATH variable.


The priority for this simulator. If multiple simulators can simulate a model, the one with the highest priority will be used.


You need to download the program from and compile the binary prior to invoking this function. On Debian-based systems, you can alternatively install the package 'seg-gen'.


Andrew Rambaut and Nicholas C. Grassly. Seq-Gen: an application for the Monte Carlo simulation of DNA sequence evolution along phylogenetic trees. Comput Appl Biosci (1997) 13 (3): 235-238 doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/13.3.235

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## Not run: activate_seqgen("./bin/seqgen")

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