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Color Science Methods and Data

ASTM.D1925.YellownessIndexASTM D 1925 Yellowness Index for Plastics
ASTM.E313.WhitenessASTM E313 Whiteness
ASTM.E313.YellownessIndexASTM E313 Yellowness
Berger59.WhitenessBerger (59) Whiteness
BVR2XYZconvert from BVR coordinates to XYZ temperature (Robertson)
cccie31CIE (1931) 2-deg chromaticity coordinates
cccie64CIE (1964) 10-deg chromaticity coordinates
CentralsISCCNBSCentral notations for the revised ISCC-NBS
CheckColorLookupCheck that the color block number is correct
ChromaticAdaptationChromatic adaptation algorithms
chromaticity.diagramPlot the chromaticity diagram
chromaticity.diagram.colorPlot the chromaticity diagram line with color
CIE1931xy2CIE1960uvConvert CIE 1931 xy color space to CIE 1960 uv color space
CIE1931xy2CIE1976uvConvert CIE 1931 xy color space to CIE 1976 uv color space
CIE1931XYZ2CIE1931xyzConvert CIE 1931 XYZ color space to CIE 1931 xyz color space
CIE1931XYZ2CIE1960uvConvert CIE 1931 XYZ color space to CIE 1960 uv color space
CIE1931XYZ2CIE1976uvConvert CIE 1931 XYZ color space to CIE 1976 uv color space
CIE1960UCS2CIE1964Convert CIE 1960 UCS color space to CIE 1964 color space
CIE1960UCS2xyConvert CIE 1960 UCS color space to 1960 xy color space
CIE1976chromaCIE 1976 chroma formula for CIELab and CIELuv
CIE1976hueangleCIE 1976 hue angle formula for CIELab and CIELuv
CIE1976uv2CIE1931xyCIE-1976 u'v' to CIE-1931 xy
CIE1976uv2CIE1960uvCIE-1976 u'v' to CIE-1960 uv
CIE1976uvSaturationCIE 1976 uv Saturation
CIELabtoDIN99Conversion from CIELAB color space to DIN99 coordinates
CIEluminanceY2NCSblacknessapproximated NCS blackness s by the CIE luminance factor Y
CIETintTint indices: CIE Tint and ASTM E313 Tint
CIE.WhitenessCIE Whiteness
ciexyz31CIE 1931 2-deg, XYZ CMFs
ciexyz64CIE 1964 10-deg, XYZ CMFs
CMY2CMYKConvert CMY coordinates to CMYK
CMY2RGBConvert CMYK coordinates to RGB
CMYK2CMYConvert CMYK coordinates to CMY
ColorBlockFromMunsellGet HVC, ISCC-NBS Number and ISCC-NBS Name from Munsell...
colorscience-internalInternal colorscience functions
compuphaseDifferenceRGBcompuphase Difference RGB
conversionIlluminanceConversion Factors for Units of Illuminance
conversionLuminanceConversion Factors for Units of Luminance
createIsoTempLinesTabletable of isotemperature lines for use with the Robertson...
daylightcomponentsdaylight components
deltaE1976Delta E (CIE 1976)
deltaE1994Delta E (CIE 1994)
deltaE2000Delta E (CIE 2000)
deltaECMCDelta E CMC
DeMarcoPokornySmith2degConeFundamentals1992DeMarco, Pokorny & Smith (1992) versions of the Smith-Pokorny...
DIN6167.YellownessIndexCIE Whiteness
DIN99toCIELabConversion from DIN99 coordinates to CIELAB color space
dkl2dklCartconverts between spherical and cartesian coordinates for DKL
dkl2rgbconvert RGB to DKL
DominantWavelengthConverts xyY coordinates to wavelength
emittanceblackbodyPlanckemittance of a black body of temperature T at a given...
footcandle2candela.steradian.sqmeterconverts foot candle to candela steradian / square meter
footcandle2luxconvert foot candle to Lumens/lux
footcandle2watt.sqcentimeterconverts foot candle to watts / square centimeter
GanzGrieser.TintGanz and Grieser Tint
GanzGrieser.WhitenessGanz and Grieser Whiteness
heuristic.wlnm2RGBApproximations from wavelengths to RGB
HSL2RGBConvert HSL coordinates to RGB
HSV2RGBConvert HSV coordinates to RGB
Hue.2.RGBConvert Hue to RGB
huedegreeconvert Munsell hue to degree
huedegreemunsellTable with Munsell hue degrees
Hunter60.WhitenessIndexHunter 60 Whiteness Index
HunterLab2XYZConvert HunterLab coordinates to XYZ
illuminantARelative spectral power distributions of CIE illuminant A at...
illuminantD65Relative spectral power distributions of CIE illuminant D65...
illuminantsRelative spectral power distributions of CIE illuminants at 5...
ISObrightnessReflectometerRSDWeighting factors for the calculation of ISO brightness
kelvin2xyBlackbody radiator color temperature to CIE 1931 x,y...
Lab2LCHabConvert CIE Lab coordinates to LCHab
LAB2LUVConvert CIE Lab coordinates to CIE Luv
Lab2XYZConvert CIE Lab coordinates to XYZ
LCHab2LabConvert LCHab coordinates to CIE Lab
LCHuv2LuvConvert LCHuv coordinates to CIE Luv
LEF2RGBConvert LEF coordinates to RGB
LMS2DKLConvert LMS coordinates to DKL
LMS2RGBConvert LMS coordinates to RGB
LMS2XYZConvert LMS coordinates to XYZ
LSLM2RGBConvert LSLM coordinates to RGB
LUV2LABConvert CIE Luv coordinates to CIE Lab
Luv2LCHuvConvert CIE Luv coordinates to LCHuv
Luv2XYZConvert CIE Luv coordinates to XYZ
Luv2YuvConvert CIE Luv coordinates to Yuv
makeChromaticAdaptationMatrixGenerate a Chromatic Adaptation matrix
MaterialReferenceDataMaterial Reference Data from Principles of Digital Image...
MaxChromaFromExtrapRenotationDataTable with maximum chroma for which extrapolated renotation...
MaxChromasForStandardMunsellHuesAndValuesTable with maximum Munsell chroma, for a given Munsell hue...
Maxwell.trianglePlot the Maxwell triangle
Munsell100hues55Chromaticity diagram showing values for x and y for...
Munsell100hues55FM100Munsell 100-Hues at 5/5, production numbers 101 to 200 and...
MunsellHuesTable with Munsell Hues
MunsellNeutrals2sRGBTable with Munsell Neutrals and corresponding sRGB
MunsellSpecToHVCconvert Munsell notation to numeric HVC
MunsellSpectralTable with Munsell spectral data
MunsellV2relativeLuminanceYMunsell value V to relative luminance Y
MunsellV2YMunsell value to CIE XYZ "Y"
NickersonColorDifferenceNickerson Color Difference
PhotoYCC2RGBConvert PhotoYCC to RGB
PreucilAnglePreucil Angle
PreucilPercentGreynessPreucil Percentage of Greyness
PreucilPercentHueErrorPreucil Percentage of Greyness
RGB2CMYConvert sRGB coordinates to CMY
rgb2dklVconvert RGB to DKL
RGB2HSLConvert RGB coordinates to HSL
RGB2HSVConvert RGB coordinates to HSV
RGB2hueConvert sRGB coordinates to hue
RGB2LEFConvert RGB coordinates to LEF
RGB2LMSConvert RGB coordinates to LMS
RGB2LSLMConvert RGB coordinates to LSLM
RGB2PhotoYCCConvert RGB coordinates to PhotoYCC
RGB2XYZConvert sRGB coordinates to XYZ
RGB2YCbCrConvert RGB coordinates to YCbCr
RGB2YIQConvert RGB coordinates to YIQ
RGB2YPbPrConvert RGB coordinates to YPbPr
RGB2YUVConvert RGB coordinates to YUV
RxRyRz2XYZconvert from three filter measurements (reflectance factors)...
saturationCIECAM02saturation CIECAM 2002
saturationCIELABEvaLubbeCIELAB saturation (Eva Lubbe)
saturationCIELUVCIELUV/CIELAB saturation
SmithPokorny2degConeFundamentals1975Smith & Pokorny (1975) 2-deg cone fundamentals
spectra2CCTCorrelated Color Temperature (CCT) from spectra
spectra2CRIGAIFSCICRI, GAI and FSCI from spectra
spectra2ISObrightnessDiffuse blue reflectance factor (ISO brightness)
spectra2luxIlluminance (Lux) from spectra
spectra2XYZconvert spectral data to tristimulus values
spragueInterpolates an n by w matrix of spectra, sprague
StearnsStearnscorrectionStearns and Stearns correction
Stensby68.WhitenessStensby Whiteness
StockmanMacLeodJohnson10degConeFundamentals1993Stockman & Sharpe (2000) 10-deg cone fundamentals
StockmanMacLeodJohnson2degCIEadjConeFundamentals1993Stockman, MacLeod & Johnson (1993) 2-deg cone fundamentals
StockmanMacLeodJohnson2degStilesBurchConeFundamentals1993Stockman, MacLeod & Johnson (1993) 2-deg fundamentals
StockmanSharpe10degCMFS2000Stockman & Sharpe (2000) 10-deg cone fundamentals
StockmanSharpe2degCMFadj2000Stockman & Sharpe (2000) 2-deg cone fundamentals
Taube60.WhitenessTaube Whiteness
TCSdataThe spectral reflectance data of 14 color test samples for...
tristimulusMunsell434 Munsell colors with tristimulus and CMFs for a few...
VosEstevezWalraven2degConeFundamentals1990Vos, Estévez & Walraven (1990) 2-deg cone fundamentals
VosWalraven2degConeFundamentals1971Vos & Walraven(1971) 2-deg cone fundamentals
WestlandBlacknessIndexWestland, et al. blackness index
whitepointsilluminantsWhite points of standard illuminants
whitepointsRGBPrimaries for RGB color spaces
wlnm2XYZApproximates wavelength to CIE tristimulus XYZ
xFit_1931Approximations from wavelengths to XYZ by Wyman et al
xy2CCT.HernandezAndresconvert from chromaticity coordinates to correlated color...
xy2CCT.McCamyconvert from chromaticity coordinates to correlated color...
xyChromaticitiesVos1978x, y coordinates transformed to Judd (1951) x', y' system
xyY2XYZConvert CIE CMF to XYZ
XYZ2BVRconvert from XYZ coordinates to BVR
XYZ2CCT.Robertsonconvert from chromaticity coordinates to correlated color...
XYZ2HunterLabconvert from XYZ coordinates to Hunter Lab coordinates
XYZ2Labconvert from XYZ coordinates to CIE Lab coordinates
XYZ2LMSConvert XYZ coordinates to LMS
XYZ2Luvconvert from XYZ coordinates to CIE Luv coordinates
XYZ2RGBconvert from XYZ coordinates to CIE RGB coordinates
XYZ2RxRyRzconvert from XYZ to three filter measurements (reflectance...
XYZ2xyYconvert from XYZ coordinates to xyY coordinates
XYZ2Yuvconvert from XYZ coordinates to Yuv coordinates
XYZMoonSpencer1945Approximations from wavelengths to XYZ by Moon & Spencer
XYZperfectreflectingdiffuserPerfect reflecting diffuser data
XYZTannenbaum1974Approximations from wavelengths to XYZ by Tannenbaum 1974
XYZtoRGBconvert from XYZ coordinates to RGB
Y2MunsellVCIE XYZ "Y" to Munsell value
Y2MunsellVtable1D1535CIE XYZ "Y" to Munsell value formula, based on the ASTM...
YCbCr2RGBConvert YCbCr coordinates to RGB
YIQ2RGBConvert YIQ coordinates to RGB
YPbPr2RGBConvert YCbCr coordinates to RGB
Yuv2LuvConvert Yuv coordinates to Luv
YUV2RGBConvert YUV coordinates to RGB
Yuv2xyconvert from Yuv coordinates to xy coordinates
Yuv2XYZconvert from Yuv coordinates to XYZ coordinates
Yxy2CIE1960UCSconvert from Yxy coordinates to CIE 1960 UCS
Yxy2Yuvconvert from Yxy coordinates to Yuv coordinates
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