writeModel: Creating a WinBUGS model file

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Creating a WinBUGS model file


Convert R function to a WinBUGS model file. BUGS models follow closely S syntax. It is therefore possible to write most BUGS models as R functions. As a difference, BUGS syntax allows truncation specification like this: dnorm(...) I(...) but this is illegal in R. To overcome this incompatibility, use dummy operator %_% before I(...): dnorm(...) %_% I(...). The dummy operator %_% will be removed before the BUGS code is saved. In S-PLUS, a warning is generated when the model function is defined if the last statement in the model is an assignment. To avoid this warning, add the line invisible() to the end of the model definition. This line will be removed before the BUGS code is saved.


writeModel(model, con = "model.bug", digits = 5)



R function containing the BUGS model in the BUGS model language, for minor differences see Section Details.


passed to writeLines which actually writes the model file


number of significant digits used for WinBUGS input, see formatC


Nothing, but as a side effect, the model file is written


original idea by Jouni Kerman, modified by Uwe Ligges, DSB removed S Plus part

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