Defines functions add_grid_layer

Documented in add_grid_layer

#' Add a grid layer to the deckgl widget
#' The \code{GridLayer} renders a grid heatmap based on an array of points. It takes the constant size all each cell, projects points into cells.
#' The color and height of the cell is scaled by number of points it contains.
#' @inheritParams add_layer
#' @seealso \url{https://deck.gl/#/documentation/deckgl-api-reference/layers/grid-layer}
#' @example inst/examples/deckgl-api-reference/grid-layer.R
#' @export
add_grid_layer <- function(deckgl, data = NULL, properties = list(), ..., id = "grid-layer") {
  add_layer(deckgl, "GridLayer", data, properties, ..., id = id)

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