deducorrect: Deductive Correction, Deductive Imputation, and Deterministic Correction

A collection of methods for automated data cleaning where all actions are logged.

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AuthorMark van der Loo, Edwin de Jonge, and Sander Scholtus
Date of publication2015-07-15 13:23:47
MaintainerMark van der Loo <>

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Man pages

allTotallyUnimodular: Test if a list of matrices are all unimodular

applyFix: Apply flips and swaps to a record.

correctionRules: Rules for deterministic correction

correctRounding: Correct records under linear restrictions for rounding errors

correctSigns: Correct sign errors and value interchanges in data records

correctTypos: Correct records under linear restrictions using typographical...

correctWithRules: Deterministic correction

damerauLevenshteinDistance: Calculate the Damerau Levenshtein Distance between two...

deducorrect-object: deducorrect object

deducorrect-package: Deductive correction methods for sign, rounding and typing...

deductiveLevels: Derive imputation values for categorical data

deductiveZeros: Find out which variables can deductively be imputed with 0

deduImpute: Deductive imputation of numerical or categorical values

getSignCorrection: workhorse for correctSigns

getTypoCorrection: Check record validity and suggest typo corrections

getUsername: Get name of R user.

hellerTompkins: Determine if a matrix is totally unimodular using Heller and...

imputess: Impute values from solution space

isTotallyUnimodular: Test for total unimodularity of a matrix.

newdeducorrect: Generate an S3 'deducorrect' object

raghavachari: Determine if a matrix is unimodular using recursive...

reduceMatrix: Apply reduction method from Scholtus (2008)

scapegoat: Scapegoat algorithm

solSpace: Solution space for missing values under equality constraints

status: Create empty status vector

tree: Solve an optimization problem using a tree algorithm as...


allTotallyUnimodular Man page
applyFix Man page
as.character.correctionRules Man page
correctionRules Man page
correctionRules.character Man page
correctionRules.expression Man page
correctRounding Man page
correctRounding.editmatrix Man page
correctRounding.editset Man page
correctSigns Man page
correctSigns.editmatrix Man page
correctSigns.editset Man page
correctTypos Man page
correctTypos.editmatrix Man page
correctTypos.editset Man page
correctWithRules Man page
damerauLevenshteinDistance Man page
deducorrect-object Man page
deducorrect-package Man page
deductiveLevels Man page
deductiveZeros Man page
deductiveZeros.editmatrix Man page
deductiveZeros.matrix Man page
deduImpute Man page
deduImpute.editarray Man page
deduImpute.editmatrix Man page
deduImpute.editset Man page
getSignCorrection Man page
getTypoCorrection Man page
getUsername Man page
getVars.correctionRules Man page
hellerTompkins Man page
imputess Man page
isTotallyUnimodular Man page
newdeducorrect Man page
print.correctionRules Man page
print.deducorrect Man page
raghavachari Man page
reduceMatrix Man page
scapegoat Man page
solSpace Man page
solSpace.editmatrix Man page
solSpace.matrix Man page
status Man page
tree Man page

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