Man pages for deducorrect
Deductive Correction, Deductive Imputation, and Deterministic Correction

allTotallyUnimodularTest if a list of matrices are all unimodular
applyFixApply flips and swaps to a record.
correctionRulesRules for deterministic correction
correctRoundingCorrect records under linear restrictions for rounding errors
correctSignsCorrect sign errors and value interchanges in data records
correctTyposCorrect records under linear restrictions using typographical...
correctWithRulesDeterministic correction
damerauLevenshteinDistanceCalculate the Damerau Levenshtein Distance between two...
deducorrect-objectdeducorrect object
deducorrect-packageDeductive correction methods for sign, rounding and typing...
deductiveLevelsDerive imputation values for categorical data
deductiveZerosFind out which variables can deductively be imputed with 0
deduImputeDeductive imputation of numerical or categorical values
getSignCorrectionworkhorse for correctSigns
getTypoCorrectionCheck record validity and suggest typo corrections
getUsernameGet name of R user.
hellerTompkinsDetermine if a matrix is totally unimodular using Heller and...
imputessImpute values from solution space
isTotallyUnimodularTest for total unimodularity of a matrix.
newdeducorrectGenerate an S3 'deducorrect' object
raghavachariDetermine if a matrix is unimodular using recursive...
reduceMatrixApply reduction method from Scholtus (2008)
scapegoatScapegoat algorithm
solSpaceSolution space for missing values under equality constraints
statusCreate empty status vector
treeSolve an optimization problem using a tree algorithm as...
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