deducorrect object


deducorrect object


All correct* functions of the deducorrect package return an S3 object of class deducorrect. The "public slots" are

  • corrected A copy of the input data.frame, with records corrected where possible.

  • corrections A data.frame with the following colums:

    • row Row number where correction was applied

    • variable Variable name where correction was applied

    • old Old value of adapted variable

    • new New value of adapted variable

  • status A data.frame with the same number of rows as corrected. It has at least a column called status. Further columns might be present, depending on the used correction function.

  • generatedby The name of the function that called newdeducorrect to construct the object.

  • timestamp The time and date when the object was generated, as returned by date.

  • user The system's username of the user running R. Note that this may yield unexpected results when R accessed on a remote (web)server.

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