dicionariosIBGE: Dictionaries for reading microdata surveys from IBGE

This package contains the dictionaries for reading microdata from IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) surveys PNAD, PME and POF.

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AuthorAlexandre Rademaker <alexandre.rademaker@fgv.br>
Date of publication2014-08-13 19:31:02
MaintainerAlexandre Rademaker <alexandre.rademaker@fgv.br>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

dic10pof2008.2009: Dictionary for estimated rent record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic11pof2008.2009: Dictionary for book of outgoing record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic12pof2008.2009: Dictionary for individual outgoing record POF 2008-2009...

dic13pof2008.2009: Dictionary for vehicle outgoing record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic14pof2008.2009: Dictionary for income and deductions record POF 2008-2009...

dic15pof2008.2009: Dictionary for others income record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic16pof2008.2009: Dictionary for food consumption record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic1pof2008.2009: Dictionary for domiciles record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic2pof2008.2009: Dictionary for people record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic3pof2008.2009: Dictionary for people imputation record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic4pof2008.2009: Dictionary for life condition record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic5pof2008.2009: Dictionary for inventory of durable goods record POF...

dic6pof2008.2009: Dictionary for outgoing 90 days record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic7pof2008.2009: Dictionary for outgoing 12 months record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic8pof2008.2009: Dictionary for others outgoing record POF 2008-2009 survey

dic9pof2008.2009: Dictionary for outgoing with domestic services record POF...

dicdom2006: Data Dictionary for domiciles record PNAD 2006 survey

dicdom2006supl: Data Dictionary for domiciles record PNAD 2006 reconsidered...

dicdom2007: Data Dictionary for domiciles record PNAD 2007 survey

dicdom2008: Data Dictionary for domiciles record PNAD 2008 survey

dicdom2009: Data Dictionary for domiciles record PNAD 2009 survey

dicdom2012: Data Dictionary for domiciles record PNAD 2012 survey

dicionariosIBGE-package: Dictionaries for reading survey microdata from IBGE

dicpes2006: Data Dictionary for people record PNAD 2006 survey

dicpes2006supl: Data Dictionary for people record PNAD 2006 reconsidered...

dicpes2007: Data Dictionary for people record PNAD 2007 survey

dicpes2008: Data Dictionary for people record PNAD 2008 survey

dicpes2009: Data Dictionary for people record PNAD 2009 survey

dicpes2012: Data Dictionary for people record PNAD 2012 survey

dicPME: Data Dictionaries for PME

dicPNAD: Data Dictionaries for PNAD

dicPNAD2006: Data set for PNAD 2006 survey

dicPNAD2007: Data set for PNAD 2007 survey

dicPNAD2008: Data set for PNAD 2008 survey

dicPNAD2009: Data set for PNAD 2009 suvey

dicPNAD2012: Data set for PNAD 2012 suvey

dicPOF: Data Dictionaries for POF

dicPOF2008.2009: Data set for POF 2008-2009 suvey

extra_tables: Extra tables for POF2008.2009 survey

le.pesquisa: Function that reads microdata from the IBGE survey

rot10pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for estimated rent record POF 2008-2009...

rot11pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for book of outgoing record POF...

rot12pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for individual outgoing record POF...

rot13pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for vehicle outgoing record POF...

rot14pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for income and deductions record POF...

rot15pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for income record POF 2008-2009 survey

rot16pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for food consumption record POF...

rot1pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for domiciles record POF 2008-2009...

rot2pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for people record POF 2008-2009 survey

rot3pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for people imputation record POF...

rot4pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for life condition record POF 2008-2009...

rot5pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for inventory of durable goods record...

rot6pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for outgoing 90 days record POF...

rot7pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for outgoing 12 months record POF...

rot8pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for others outgoing record POF...

rot9pof2008.2009: Data Dictionary label for outgoing with domestic services...

rotdom2009: Data Dictionary label for domiciles record PNAD 2009 survey

rotpes2009: Data Dictionary label for people record PNAD 2009 survey


dic10pof1995.1996 Man page
dic10pof2002.2003 Man page
dic10pof2008.2009 Man page
dic11pof1995.1996 Man page
dic11pof2002.2003 Man page
dic11pof2008.2009 Man page
dic12pof1995.1996 Man page
dic12pof2002.2003 Man page
dic12pof2008.2009 Man page
dic13pof2002.2003 Man page
dic13pof2008.2009 Man page
dic14pof2002.2003 Man page
dic14pof2008.2009 Man page
dic15pof2008.2009 Man page
dic16pof2008.2009 Man page
dic1pof1987.1988 Man page
dic1pof1995.1996 Man page
dic1pof2002.2003 Man page
dic1pof2008.2009 Man page
dic2pof1987.1988 Man page
dic2pof1995.1996 Man page
dic2pof2002.2003 Man page
dic2pof2008.2009 Man page
dic3pof1987.1988 Man page
dic3pof1995.1996 Man page
dic3pof2002.2003 Man page
dic3pof2008.2009 Man page
dic4pof1987.1988 Man page
dic4pof1995.1996 Man page
dic4pof2002.2003 Man page
dic4pof2008.2009 Man page
dic5pof1987.1988 Man page
dic5pof1995.1996 Man page
dic5pof2002.2003 Man page
dic5pof2008.2009 Man page
dic6pof1995.1996 Man page
dic6pof2002.2003 Man page
dic6pof2008.2009 Man page
dic7pof1995.1996 Man page
dic7pof2002.2003 Man page
dic7pof2008.2009 Man page
dic8pof1995.1996 Man page
dic8pof2002.2003 Man page
dic8pof2008.2009 Man page
dic9pof1995.1996 Man page
dic9pof2002.2003 Man page
dic9pof2008.2009 Man page
dicdom1983 Man page
dicdom1988 Man page
dicdom1993 Man page
dicdom1995 Man page
dicdom1996 Man page
dicdom1997 Man page
dicdom1998 Man page
dicdom1999 Man page
dicdom2001 Man page
dicdom2002 Man page
dicdom2003 Man page
dicdom2004 Man page
dicdom2005 Man page
dicdom2006 Man page
dicdom2006supl Man page
dicdom2007 Man page
dicdom2008 Man page
dicdom2009 Man page
dicdom2012 Man page
dicionariosIBGE Man page
dicionariosIBGE-package Man page
dicpes1983 Man page
dicpes1988 Man page
dicpes1993 Man page
dicpes1995 Man page
dicpes1996 Man page
dicpes1997 Man page
dicpes1998 Man page
dicpes1999 Man page
dicpes2001 Man page
dicpes2002 Man page
dicpes2003 Man page
dicpes2004 Man page
dicpes2005 Man page
dicpes2006 Man page
dicpes2006supl Man page
dicpes2007 Man page
dicpes2008 Man page
dicpes2009 Man page
dicpes2012 Man page
dicPME Man page
dicPNAD Man page
dicPNAD1983 Man page
dicPNAD1988 Man page
dicPNAD1993 Man page
dicPNAD1995 Man page
dicPNAD1996 Man page
dicPNAD1997 Man page
dicPNAD1998 Man page
dicPNAD1999 Man page
dicPNAD2001 Man page
dicPNAD2002 Man page
dicPNAD2003 Man page
dicPNAD2004 Man page
dicPNAD2005 Man page
dicPNAD2006 Man page
dicPNAD2007 Man page
dicPNAD2008 Man page
dicPNAD2009 Man page
dicPNAD2012 Man page
dicPOF Man page
dicPOF1987.1988 Man page
dicPOF1995.1996 Man page
dicPOF2002.2003 Man page
dicPOF2008.2009 Man page
le.pesquisa Man page
local_aquisicao Man page
peso_volume Man page
produtos Man page
produtos_consumo_alimentar Man page
religioes Man page
rot10pof2008.2009 Man page
rot11pof2008.2009 Man page
rot12pof2008.2009 Man page
rot13pof2008.2009 Man page
rot14pof2008.2009 Man page
rot15pof2008.2009 Man page
rot16pof2008.2009 Man page
rot1pof2008.2009 Man page
rot2pof2008.2009 Man page
rot3pof2008.2009 Man page
rot4pof2008.2009 Man page
rot5pof2008.2009 Man page
rot6pof2008.2009 Man page
rot7pof2008.2009 Man page
rot8pof2008.2009 Man page
rot9pof2008.2009 Man page
rotdom2009 Man page
rotpes2009 Man page
unidade_medida Man page
unidade_medida_alimentar Man page


man/rot16pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic8pof2008.2009.Rd man/rot13pof2008.2009.Rd man/rotpes2009.Rd man/dicpes2008.Rd man/dicdom2009.Rd man/dicPOF.Rd man/rot15pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicpes2007.Rd man/dicPNAD.Rd man/dic5pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicpes2009.Rd man/dicpes2006.Rd man/dic9pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicdom2006supl.Rd man/extra_tables.Rd man/dicPNAD2008.Rd man/dic12pof2008.2009.Rd man/rot6pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic2pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicionariosIBGE-package.Rd man/rot10pof2008.2009.Rd man/rot12pof2008.2009.Rd man/le.pesquisa.Rd man/dicdom2006.Rd man/dicPNAD2006.Rd man/dicpes2006supl.Rd man/rotdom2009.Rd man/dicpes2012.Rd man/rot2pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic1pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicPNAD2007.Rd man/rot7pof2008.2009.Rd man/rot4pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic4pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic10pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicdom2008.Rd man/rot3pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic14pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicPOF2008.2009.Rd man/rot5pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic15pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic11pof2008.2009.Rd man/rot14pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicPME.Rd man/rot8pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicPNAD2009.Rd man/dic16pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic7pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic13pof2008.2009.Rd man/rot9pof2008.2009.Rd man/rot11pof2008.2009.Rd man/dic6pof2008.2009.Rd man/rot1pof2008.2009.Rd man/dicdom2012.Rd man/dicdom2007.Rd man/dicPNAD2012.Rd man/dic3pof2008.2009.Rd

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