dicPOF2008.2009: Data set for POF 2008-2009 suvey

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One data set with 16 dictionaries one for each type of record, and 16 dictionaries labels respective to each record, and more 7 data frames with extra tables, with some categorical variables of the survey, that are given in the POF documentation (provided by IBGE).

In the column desc (dictionaries data frames) of all records we choose to remove all accents to avoid encoding problems.

In the column rotulo (dictionaries label data frames) of all records we choose to remove all accents to avoid encoding problems.

In this survey we didn't use the variable COD_ITEM (CÓDIGO DO ITEM) in any of the type records that it appears, execpt in the food consumption (type 16) record that COD_ITEM (CÓDIGO DO TIPO DE ALIMENTO) is represented by another classification. That variable is showed in the data frame produtos.


A data set with 16 data frames with the dictionaries, 16 with labels of variables and more 7 data frames with extra tables.


  1. dic1pof2008.2009

  2. dic2pof2008.2009

  3. dic3pof2008.2009

  4. dic4pof2008.2009

  5. dic5pof2008.2009

  6. dic6pof2008.2009

  7. dic7pof2008.2009

  8. dic8pof2008.2009

  9. dic9pof2008.2009

  10. dic10pof2008.2009

  11. dic11pof2008.2009

  12. dic12pof2008.2009

  13. dic13pof2008.2009

  14. dic14pof2008.2009

  15. dic15pof2008.2009

  16. dic16pof2008.2009


  1. rot1pof2008.2009

  2. rot2pof2008.2009

  3. rot3pof2008.2009

  4. rot4pof2008.2009

  5. rot5pof2008.2009

  6. rot6pof2008.2009

  7. rot7pof2008.2009

  8. rot8pof2008.2009

  9. rot9pof2008.2009

  10. rot10pof2008.2009

  11. rot11pof2008.2009

  12. rot12pof2008.2009

  13. rot13pof2008.2009

  14. rot14pof2008.2009

  15. rot15pof2008.2009

  16. rot16pof2008.2009

Extra tables:

  1. unidade_medida

  2. unidade_medida_alimentar

  3. local_aquisicao

  4. religioes

  5. produtos

  6. produtos_consumo_alimentar

  7. peso_volume


The dictionaries were made based on the documentation of the PNAD survey available at http://www.ibge.gov.br.

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