dic1pof2008.2009: Dictionary for domiciles record POF 2008-2009 survey

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Data dictionary for reading "T_DOMICILIO_S.txt" file (domiciles (type 1) record from POF 2008-2009 survey).

The categorical variables COD_CONTRATO_DOCUM (type of rent) and COD_TEMPO_MORADIA (rent time) have the occurrence of ZERO, reading the data file, but that value doesn't have any categorical meaning in any documentation from POF 2008-2009 survey (available for download in the IBGE website). Because of that appears NAs in the categorical variable when you read the data using the rotulos parameter of the le.pesquisa function.


This dictionary is a data frame with one line for each variable, and it has 4 columms, with important information of each variable.

inicio numeric Position of the value's first character in the data file
cod character Variable code
tamanho numeric Field size
desc character Short description


The dictionaries were made based on the documentation of the PNAD survey available at http://www.ibge.gov.br.

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