discSurv: Discrete Time Survival Analysis

Provides data transformations, estimation utilities, predictive evaluation measures and simulation functions for discrete time survival analysis.

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AuthorThomas Welchowski <welchow@imbie.meb.uni-bonn.de> and Matthias Schmid <matthias.schmid@imbie.uni-bonn.de>
Date of publication2017-03-13 13:27:07
MaintainerThomas Welchowski <welchow@imbie.meb.uni-bonn.de>

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Man pages

adjDevResid: Adjusted Deviance Residuals

adjDevResidShort: Adjusted Deviance Residuals in short format

aucUno: Area under the Curve Estimation

brierScore: Brier Score Calculation

concorIndex: Concordance Index

contToDisc: Continuous to Discrete Transformation

dataCensoring: Data Censoring Transformation

dataLong: Data Long Transformation

dataLongCompRisks: Data Long Competing Risks Transformation

dataLongTimeDep: Data Long Time Dependent Covariates

devResid: Deviance Residuals

devResidShort: Deviance Residuals

discSurv-package: Discrete Survival Analysis

estMargProb: Estimated Marginal Probabilities

estSurv: Estimated Survival Function

fprUno: False Positive Rate Uno

fprUnoShort: False Positive Rate for arbitrary predition models

gumbel: Gumbel Link Function

intPredErrDisc: Integrated Prediction Error Curve

lifeTable: Life Table Construction and Estimates

martingaleResid: Martingale Residuals

plot.discSurvAdjDevResid: Plot method of class "discSurvAdjDevResid"

plot.discSurvAucUno: Plot method of class "discSurvAucUno"

plot.discSurvFprUno: Plot method of class "discSurvFprUno"

plot.discSurvMartingaleResid: Plot method of class "discSurvMartingaleResid"

plot.discSurvTprUno: Plot method of class "discSurvTprUno"

predErrDiscShort: Prediction Error Curves for arbitrary prediction models

print.discSurvAdjDevResid: Print method of class "discSurvAdjDevResid"

print.discSurvAucUno: Print method of class "discSurvAucUno"

print.discSurvConcorIndex: Print method of class "discSurvConcorIndex"

print.discSurvDevResid: Print method of class "discSurvDevResid"

print.discSurvFprUno: Print method of class "discSurvFprUno"

print.discSurvLifeTable: Print method of class "discSurvLifeTable"

print.discSurvMartingaleResid: Print method of class "discSurvMartingaleResid"

print.discSurvPredErrDisc: Print method of class "discSurvPredErrDisc"

print.discSurvSimCompRisk: Print method of class "discSurvSimCompRisk"

print.discSurvTprUno: Print method of class "discSurvTprUno"

simCompRisk: Simulation of Competing Risks data

summary.discSurvConcorIndex: Summary method of class "discSurvConcorIndex"

summary.discSurvPredErrDisc: Summary method of class "discSurvPredErrDisc"

tauToPearson: Transformation of Tau to Pearson correlation

tprUno: True positive Rate Uno

tprUnoShort: True Positive Rate for arbitrary predition models


adjDevResid Man page
adjDevResidShort Man page
aucUno Man page
brierScore Man page
concorIndex Man page
contToDisc Man page
dataCensoring Man page
dataLong Man page
dataLongCompRisks Man page
dataLongTimeDep Man page
devResid Man page
devResidShort Man page
discSurv Man page
discSurv-package Man page
estMargProb Man page
estSurv Man page
fprUno Man page
fprUnoShort Man page
gumbel Man page
intPredErrDisc Man page
lifeTable Man page
martingaleResid Man page
plot.discSurvAdjDevResid Man page
plot.discSurvAucUno Man page
plot.discSurvFprUno Man page
plot.discSurvMartingaleResid Man page
plot.discSurvTprUno Man page
predErrDiscShort Man page
print.discSurvAdjDevResid Man page
print.discSurvAucUno Man page
print.discSurvConcorIndex Man page
print.discSurvDevResid Man page
print.discSurvFprUno Man page
print.discSurvLifeTable Man page
print.discSurvMartingaleResid Man page
print.discSurvPredErrDisc Man page
print.discSurvSimCompRisk Man page
print.discSurvTprUno Man page
simCompRisk Man page
summary.discSurvConcorIndex Man page
summary.discSurvPredErrDisc Man page
tauToPearson Man page
tprUno Man page
tprUnoShort Man page

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