Defines functions listWrappers

Documented in listWrappers

#' @title Lists Implemented Distribution Wrappers
#' @description Lists wrappers that can wrap an R6 Distribution.
#' @param simplify logical. If TRUE (default) returns results as characters, otherwise as R6
#' classes.
#' @seealso \code{\link{DistributionWrapper}}
#' @return Either a list of characters (if `simplify` is `TRUE`) or a list of `Wrapper` classes.
#' @examples
#' listWrappers()
#' listWrappers(TRUE)
#' @export
listWrappers <- function(simplify = TRUE) {
  y <- .distr6$wrappers[order(names(.distr6$wrappers))]
  if (simplify) {
  } else {

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