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bigDivPart allows for the calculation of four main diversity partition statistics and their respective estimators from large genepop files.


bigDivPart(infile = NULL, outfile = NULL,
           WC_Fst = FALSE, format = NULL)



Specifying the name of the ‘genepop’ (Rousset, 2008) file from which the statistics are to be calculated This file can be in either the 3 digit of 2 digit format, and must contain only one whitespace separator (e.g. “space” or “tab”) between each column including the individual names column. The number of columns must be equal to the number of loci + 1 (the individual names column). If this file is not in the working directory the file path must be given. The name must be a character string (i.e. enclosed in “” or '').


Allows users to specify a prefix for an output folder. Name must a character string enclosed in either “” or ''.


A Logical argument indicating whether Weir & Cockerham's 1984 F-statistics should be calculated.


A character string specifying the preferred output format for calculated results. The arguments txt or xlsx are valid when outfile is not NULL.


All results are optionally written to a user defined directory in either .xlsx or .txt format. The function is identical to the divPart function without the pairwise or bootstrapping functionality.



A matrix containing identical data to the Standard_stats worksheet in the .xlsx workbook.


A matrix containing identical data to the Estimated_stats worksheet in the .xlsx workbook.


Kevin Keenan <>


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## Not run: 
# simply use the following format to run the function
test_result <- bigDivPart(infile = 'mydata', outfile = "myresults',
                          WC_Fst = TRUE, format = "txt")

## End(Not run)

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