microPlexer: Launches a 'shiny' app for the arrangement of microsatellite...

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This function will launch a browser based app designed using the package, shiny, which allows users to design microsatellite multiplex groups.




The application provides flexibility in marker organisation through the use of two distinct algorithms. The high-throughput algorithm will attempt to group as many loci into as few multiplex groups as allowable based on locus size and the available fluorophore labels, while the balanced algorithm attempts to organise loci into multiplex group of roughly equal density, so as to offset possible primer interactions etc. As input, the application accepts a .csv file with three named columns. The structure of this file is as follows:

nms - contains the names of loci

lower - contains the lower size range of loci

upper - contains the upper size range of loci


Kevin Keenan <kkeenan02@qub.ac.uk>

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