alcohol_crc: Eight published studies on the relation between alcohol...

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The dataset reports the summarized dose-response results from eight prospective studies on the relation between alcohol intake and colorectal cancer risk.


A data frame with 48 observations on the following 7 variables:

id label for author's names (id variable).
type code for study design.
dose assigned dose levels.
cases number of cases for each exposure level.
peryears amount of person-time for each exposure level.
logrr natural logarithm of the adjusted "relative risks".
se standard error for the logarithm of the adjusted "relative risks".


Alessio Crippa, <>


Orsini, N., Li, R., Wolk, A., Khudyakov, P., Spiegelman, D. (2012). Meta-analysis for linear and nonlinear dose-response relations: examples, an evaluation of approximations, and software. American journal of epidemiology, 175(1), 66-73.

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