alcohol_cvd: Six published studies on the relation between alcohol intake...

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The dataset reports the summarized dose-response results from six observational studies on the relation between alcohol intake and vascular disease risk. Four are case-control studies, two prospective (cumulative-incidence data).


A data frame with 25 observations on the following 8 variables:

id id of the studies included in the analysis.
author names of the first author of the study.
type code for study design.
dose assigned dose levels.
cases number of cases for each exposure level.
n total number of subjects for each exposure level.
logrr natural logarithm of the adjusted "relative risks".
se standard error for the logarithm of the adjusted "relative risks".


Alessio Crippa, <>


Liu, Q., Cook, N. R., Bergstrom, A., Hsieh, C. C. (2009). A two-stage hierarchical regression model for meta-analysis of epidemiologic nonlinear dose-response data. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 53(12), 4157-4167.

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