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Change column order


Use relocate() to change column positions, using the same syntax as select() to make it easy to move blocks of columns at once.


relocate(.data, ..., .before = NULL, .after = NULL)



A data frame, data frame extension (e.g. a tibble), or a lazy data frame (e.g. from dbplyr or dtplyr). See Methods, below, for more details.


<tidy-select> Columns to move.

.before, .after

<tidy-select> Destination of columns selected by .... Supplying neither will move columns to the left-hand side; specifying both is an error.


An object of the same type as .data. The output has the following properties:

  • Rows are not affected.

  • The same columns appear in the output, but (usually) in a different place and possibly renamed.

  • Data frame attributes are preserved.

  • Groups are not affected.


This function is a generic, which means that packages can provide implementations (methods) for other classes. See the documentation of individual methods for extra arguments and differences in behaviour.

The following methods are currently available in loaded packages: \Sexpr[stage=render,results=rd]{dplyr:::methods_rd("relocate")}.


df <- tibble(a = 1, b = 1, c = 1, d = "a", e = "a", f = "a")
df %>% relocate(f)
df %>% relocate(a, .after = c)
df %>% relocate(f, .before = b)
df %>% relocate(a, .after = last_col())

# relocated columns can change name
df %>% relocate(ff = f)

# Can also select variables based on their type
df %>% relocate(where(is.character))
df %>% relocate(where(is.numeric), .after = last_col())
# Or with any other select helper
df %>% relocate(any_of(c("a", "e", "i", "o", "u")))

# When .before or .after refers to multiple variables they will be
# moved to be immediately before/after the selected variables.
df2 <- tibble(a = 1, b = "a", c = 1, d = "a")
df2 %>% relocate(where(is.numeric), .after = where(is.character))
df2 %>% relocate(where(is.numeric), .before = where(is.character))

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