select_all: Select and rename a selection of variables

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Select and rename a selection of variables



rename_if(), rename_at(), and rename_all() have been superseded by rename_with(). The matching select statements have been superseded by the combination of a select() + rename_with(). Any predicate functions passed as arguments to select() or rename_with() must be wrapped in where().

These functions were superseded because mutate_if() and friends were superseded by across(). select_if() and rename_if() already use tidy selection so they can't be replaced by across() and instead we need a new function.


select_all(.tbl, .funs = list(), ...)

rename_all(.tbl, .funs = list(), ...)

select_if(.tbl, .predicate, .funs = list(), ...)

rename_if(.tbl, .predicate, .funs = list(), ...)

select_at(.tbl, .vars, .funs = list(), ...)

rename_at(.tbl, .vars, .funs = list(), ...)



A tbl object.


A function fun, a purrr style lambda ~ fun(.) or a list of either form.


Additional arguments for the function calls in .funs. These are evaluated only once, with tidy dots support.


A predicate function to be applied to the columns or a logical vector. The variables for which .predicate is or returns TRUE are selected. This argument is passed to rlang::as_function() and thus supports quosure-style lambda functions and strings representing function names.


A list of columns generated by vars(), a character vector of column names, a numeric vector of column positions, or NULL.


mtcars <- as_tibble(mtcars) # for nicer printing

mtcars %>% rename_all(toupper)
# ->
mtcars %>% rename_with(toupper)

# NB: the transformation comes first in rename_with
is_whole <- function(x) all(floor(x) == x)
mtcars %>% rename_if(is_whole, toupper)
# ->
mtcars %>% rename_with(toupper, where(is_whole))

mtcars %>% rename_at(vars(mpg:hp), toupper)
# ->
mtcars %>% rename_with(toupper, mpg:hp)

# You now must select() and then rename

mtcars %>% select_all(toupper)
# ->
mtcars %>% rename_with(toupper)

# Selection drops unselected variables:
mtcars %>% select_if(is_whole, toupper)
# ->
mtcars %>% select(where(is_whole)) %>% rename_with(toupper)

mtcars %>% select_at(vars(-contains("ar"), starts_with("c")), toupper)
# ->
mtcars %>%
  select(!contains("ar") | starts_with("c")) %>%

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