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Indices of Effect Size

cohens_dCohen's _d_ and Other Standardized Differences
cohens_gEffect Size for Paired Contingency Tables
convert_chisqConvert chi^2 to phi and Other Correlation-like Effect Sizes
diff_to_clesConvert Standardized Differences to Common Language Effect...
d_to_rConvert Between _d_, _r_, and Odds Ratio
effectsizeEffect Sizes
effectsize_API'effectsize' API
effectsize_CIsConfidence (Compatibility) Intervals
effectsize_deprecatedDeprecated / Defunct Functions
effectsize_options'effectsize' options
effectsize-packageeffectsize: Indices of Effect Size
equivalence_test.effectsize_tableTest Effect Size for Practical Equivalence to the Null
eta2_to_f2Convert Between ANOVA Effect Sizes
eta_squaredeta^2 and Other Effect Size for ANOVA
food_classClassification of Foods
format_standardizeFormat a Standardized Vector
F_to_eta2Convert _F_ and _t_ Statistics to *partial*-eta^2 and Other...
hardlyworkingWorkers' Salary and Other Information
interpretGeneric Function for Interpretation
interpret_bfInterpret Bayes Factor (BF)
interpret_cohens_dInterpret Standardized Differences
interpret_cohens_gInterpret Cohen's _g_
interpret_directionInterpret Direction
interpret_essInterpret Bayesian Diagnostic Indices
interpret_gfiInterpret of CFA / SEM Indices of Goodness of Fit
interpret_iccInterpret Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC)
interpret_kendalls_wInterpret Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance _W_
interpret_oddsratioInterpret Odds Ratio
interpret_omega_squaredInterpret ANOVA Effect Sizes
interpret_pInterpret _p_-Values
interpret_pdInterpret Probability of Direction (pd)
interpret_rInterpret Correlation Coefficient
interpret_r2Interpret Coefficient of Determination (R^2)
interpret_ropeInterpret Bayesian Posterior Percentage in ROPE.
interpret_vifInterpret the Variance Inflation Factor (VIF)
is_effectsize_nameChecks for a Valid Effect Size Name
mahalanobis_dMahalanobis' _D_ (a multivariate Cohen's _d_)
means_ratioRatio of Means
Music_preferencesMusic Preference by College Major
Music_preferences2Music Preference by College Major
oddsratioOdds Ratios, Risk Ratios and Other Effect Sizes for 2-by-2...
oddsratio_to_riskratioConvert Between Odds Ratios, Risk Ratios and Other Metrics of...
odds_to_probsConvert Between Odds and Probabilities
phiphi and Other Contingency Tables Correlations
print.effectsize_tableMethods for '{effectsize}' Tables
p_superiorityCohen's _U_s and Other Common Language Effect Sizes (CLES)
r2_semipartialSemi-Partial (Part) Correlation Squared (Delta R^2)
rank_biserialDominance Effect Sizes for Rank Based Differences
rank_epsilon_squaredEffect Size for Rank Based ANOVA
RCT_tableFictional Results from a Workers' Randomized Control Trial
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rulesCreate an Interpretation Grid
screening_testResults from 2 Screening Tests
sd_pooledPooled Indices of (Co)Deviation
Smoking_FASDFrequency of FASD for Smoking Mothers
t_to_rConvert _t_, _z_, and _F_ to Cohen's _d_ or *partial*-_r_
w_to_feiConvert Between Effect Sizes for Contingency Tables...
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