Man pages for effectsize
Indices of Effect Size and Standardized Parameters

chisq_to_phiConversion Chi-Squared to Phi or Cramer's V
cohens_dEffect size for differences
d_to_common_languageConvert Standardized Mean Difference to Common Language...
d_to_rConvert between _d_, _r_ and _Odds ratio_
effectsizeEffect Size
effectsize_CIsConfidence (Compatibility) Intervals
effectsize_deprecatedDeprecated functions
equivalence_test.effectsize_tableTest for Practical Equivalence
es_infoList of effect size names
eta2_to_f2Convert between ANOVA effect sizes
eta_squaredEffect size for ANOVA
format_standardizeTransform a standardized vector into character
F_to_eta2Convert test statistics (F, t) to indices of *partial*...
hardlyworkingWorkers' salary and other information
interpretGeneric function for interpretation
interpret_bfInterpret Bayes Factor (BF)
interpret_cohens_dInterpret standardized differences
interpret_cohens_gInterpret Cohen's g
interpret_directionInterpret direction
interpret_essInterpret Bayesian diagnostic indices
interpret_gfiInterpret of indices of CFA / SEM goodness of fit
interpret_iccInterpret Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC)
interpret_kendalls_wInterpret Kendall's coefficient of concordance
interpret_oddsratioInterpret Odds ratio
interpret_omega_squaredInterpret ANOVA effect size
interpret_pInterpret p-values
interpret_pdInterpret Probability of Direction (pd)
interpret_rInterpret correlation coefficient
interpret_r2Interpret coefficient of determination (R2)
interpret_ropeInterpret Bayesian diagnostic indices
interpret_vifInterpret the Variance Inflation Factor (VIF)
is_effectsize_nameChecks if character is of a supported effect size
oddsratio_to_riskratioConvert between Odds ratios and Risk ratios
odds_to_probsConvert between Odds and Probabilities
phiEffect size for contingency tables
print.effectsize_tableMethods for 'effectsize' tables
rank_biserialEffect size for non-parametric (rank sum) tests
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rulesInterpretation Grid
sd_pooledPooled Standard Deviation
standardize.defaultRe-fit a model with standardized data
standardize_infoGet Standardization Information
standardize_parametersParameters standardization
t_to_rConvert test statistics (t, z, F) to effect sizes of...
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