gapmap: Functions for Drawing Gapped Cluster Heatmap with ggplot2

The gap encodes the distance between clusters and improves interpretation of cluster heatmaps. The gaps can be of the same distance based on a height threshold to cut the dendrogram. Another option is to vary the size of gaps based on the distance between clusters.

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AuthorRyo Sakai
Date of publication2016-12-05 18:28:47
MaintainerRyo Sakai <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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as.gapdata Man page
assign_branch_positions Man page
assign_positions Man page
calculate_gap Man page
count_gap Man page
extract_list Man page
format_number Man page
gap_data Man page
gap_dendrogram Man page
gap_heatmap Man page
gap_label Man page
gapmap Man page
gapmap-package Man page
get_most_left_leaf Man page
get_most_right_leaf Man page
get_segment_df Man page
is.gapdata Man page
map Man page
map.exp Man page
sample_tcga Man page
set_most_right_leaf Man page
sum_distance Man page

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