Draws gapped heatmap (gapmap) and gapped dendrograms using ggplot2 in [R].


Functions for drawing gapped cluster heatmap with ggplot2


This is a set of tools for drawing gapmaps using ggplot

gap_data extracts data from a dendrogram object. Make sure to convert hclust object to dendrogram object by calling as.dendrogram(). This method generates an object class gapdata, consisting of a list of data.frames. The general workflow is as following:

  1. Hierarchical clustering hclust()

  2. Convert the hclust output class into dendrogram by calling as.dendrogram()

  3. Generate a gapped cluster heatmap by specifying a matrix and dendrogram objects for rows and columns in gapmap() function


Ryo Sakai ryo.sakai@esat.kuleuven.be

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