Man pages for gapmap
Functions for Drawing Gapped Cluster Heatmap with ggplot2

as.gapdataMake a gapdata class object
assign_branch_positionsRe-evaluate the position of branches
assign_positionsRe-evaluate the position of leaves
calculate_gapCalculate the gaps based on distance
count_gapCount the number of gaps based on a threshold
extract_listExtract a list from the dendrogram object
format_numberFunction to format a number
gap_dataGenerate a gapdata class object from a dendrogram object
gap_dendrogramFunction to draw a gapped dendrogram
gap_heatmapFunction to draw a gapped heatmap
gap_labelFunction to draw a gapped labels
gapmapFunction to draw a gapped cluster heatmap
gapmap-packageDraws gapped heatmap (gapmap) and gapped dendrograms using...
get_most_left_leafGet the most left leaf object from a dendrogram
get_most_right_leafGet the most right leaf object from a dendrogram
get_segment_dfMake a data.frame object
is.gapdataFunction to check if a object is a gapdata class object
mapA function to map values in a range
map.expA function to map values in a range exponentially
sample_tcgaSample data matrix from the integrated pathway analysis of...
set_most_right_leafSet the most right leaf object from a dendrogram
sum_distanceSum the distance of all branches in a dendrogram
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