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gt package options

Package options

gt uses the following options() to configure behavior:

  • gt.row_group.sep: A separator between groups for the row group label. By default this is " - ".

  • gt.html_tag_check: A logical scalar indicating whether or not to print a warning when HTML tags are found in a table that is being rendered to LaTeX. The default for this is TRUE.

  • gt.strict_column_fmt: A logical scalar that controls whether formatting via the ⁠fmt_*()⁠ functions should fail if attempting to format data that is incompatible with the function. This is FALSE by default.

  • gt.latex_packages: A vector of LaTeX package names to use when generating tables in the LaTeX output context. The set of packages loaded is controlled by this default vector: c("booktabs", "caption", "longtable", "colortbl", "array").

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