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Easily Create Presentation-Ready Display Tables

adjust_luminanceAdjust the luminance for a palette of colors a *gt* object to a data frame
as_latexOutput a gt object as LaTeX
as_raw_htmlGet the HTML content of a *gt* table
as_rtfOutput a *gt* object as RTF
cell_bordersHelper for defining custom borders for table cells
cell_fillHelper for defining custom fills for table cells
cells_bodyLocation helper for targeting data cells in the table body
cells_column_labelsLocation helper for targeting the column labels
cells_column_spannersLocation helper for targeting the column spanners
cells_footnotesLocation helper for targeting the footnotes
cells_grand_summaryLocation helper for targeting cells in a grand summary
cells_groupLocation helper for targeting row groups (deprecated)
cells_row_groupsLocation helper for targeting row groups
cells_source_notesLocation helper for targeting the source notes
cells_stubLocation helper for targeting cells in the table stub
cells_stub_grand_summaryLocation helper for targeting the stub cells in a grand...
cells_stubheadLocation helper for targeting the table stubhead cell
cells_stub_summaryLocation helper for targeting the stub cells in a summary
cells_summaryLocation helper for targeting group summary cells
cells_titleLocation helper for targeting the table title and subtitle
cell_textHelper for defining custom text styles for table cells
cols_alignSet the alignment of columns
cols_hideHide one or more columns
cols_labelRelabel one or more columns
cols_mergeMerge data from two or more columns to a single column
cols_merge_n_pctMerge two columns to combine counts and percentages
cols_merge_rangeMerge two columns to a value range column
cols_merge_uncertMerge columns to a value-with-uncertainty column
cols_moveMove one or more columns
cols_move_to_endMove one or more columns to the end
cols_move_to_startMove one or more columns to the start
cols_unhideUnhide one or more columns
cols_widthSet the widths of columns
countrypopsYearly populations of countries from 1960 to 2017
currencySupply a custom currency symbol to 'fmt_currency()'
data_colorSet data cell colors using a palette or a color function
default_fontsA vector of default fonts for use with *gt* tables
escape_latexPerform LaTeX escaping
exibbleA toy example tibble for testing with gt: exibble
extract_summaryExtract a summary list from a *gt* object
fmtSet a column format with a formatter function
fmt_bytesFormat values as bytes
fmt_currencyFormat values as currencies
fmt_dateFormat values as dates
fmt_datetimeFormat values as date-times
fmt_engineeringFormat values to engineering notation
fmt_fractionFormat values as a mixed fractions
fmt_integerFormat values as integers
fmt_markdownFormat Markdown text
fmt_missingFormat missing values (deprecated)
fmt_numberFormat numeric values
fmt_partsperFormat values as parts-per quantities
fmt_passthroughFormat by simply passing data through
fmt_percentFormat values as a percentage
fmt_scientificFormat values to scientific notation
fmt_timeFormat values as times
ggplot_imageHelper function for adding a ggplot
google_fontHelper function for specifying a font from the _Google Fonts_...
grand_summary_rowsAdd grand summary rows using aggregation functions
gtCreate a *gt* table object
gtcarsDeluxe automobiles from the 2014-2017 period
gt_latex_dependenciesGet the LaTeX dependencies required for a *gt* table
gt-options*gt* package options
gt_outputCreate a *gt* display table output element for Shiny
gt-packagegt: Easily Create Presentation-Ready Display Tables
gt_previewPreview a *gt* table object
gtsaveSave a *gt* table as a file
htmlInterpret input text as HTML-formatted text
info_currenciesView a table with info on supported currencies
info_date_styleView a table with info on date styles
info_google_fontsView a table on recommended Google Fonts
info_localesView a table with info on supported locales
info_paletteerView a table with info on color palettes
info_time_styleView a table with info on time styles
local_imageHelper function for adding a local image
mdInterpret input text as Markdown-formatted text
opt_align_table_headerOption to align the table header
opt_all_capsOption to use all caps in select table locations
opt_cssOption to add custom CSS for the table
opt_footnote_marksOption to modify the set of footnote marks
opt_horizontal_paddingOption to expand or contract horizontal padding
opt_row_stripingOption to add or remove row striping
opt_table_fontOption to define a custom font for the table
opt_table_linesOption to set table lines to different extents
opt_table_outlineOption to wrap an outline around the entire table
opt_vertical_paddingOption to expand or contract vertical padding
pctHelper for providing a numeric value as percentage
pipePipe operator
pizzaplaceA year of pizza sales from a pizza place
print.gt_tblPrint the table
print.rtf_textPrint RTF text
pxHelper for providing a numeric value as pixels value
random_idHelper for creating a random 'id' for a *gt* table
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
render_gtA *gt* display table render function for use in Shiny
row_group_orderModify the ordering of any row groups
sp500Daily S&P 500 Index data from 1950 to 2015
sub_large_valsSubstitute large values in the table body
sub_missingSubstitute missing values in the table body
sub_small_valsSubstitute small values in the table body
sub_zeroSubstitute zero values in the table body
summary_rowsAdd groupwise summary rows using aggregation functions
szaTwice hourly solar zenith angles by month & latitude
tab_footnoteAdd a table footnote
tab_headerAdd a table header
tab_optionsModify the table output options
tab_row_groupAdd a row group to a *gt* table
tab_source_noteAdd a source note citation
tab_spannerAdd a spanner column label
tab_spanner_delimCreate column labels and spanners via delimited names
tab_stubheadAdd label text to the stubhead
tab_styleAdd custom styles to one or more cells
test_imageGenerate a path to a test image
text_transformPerform targeted text transformation with a function
web_imageHelper function for adding an image from the web
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