test_image: Generate a path to a test image

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Generate a path to a test image


Two test images are available within the gt package. Both contain the same imagery (sized at 200px by 200px) but one is a PNG file while the other is an SVG file. This function is most useful when paired with local_image() since we test various sizes of the test image within that function.


test_image(type = c("png", "svg"))



The image type

⁠singl-kw:[png|svg]⁠ // default: "png"

The type of image to produce here can either be "png" (the default) or "svg".


A character vector with a single path to an image file.

Function ID


Function Introduced

v0.2.0.5 (March 31, 2020)

See Also

Other image addition functions: ggplot_image(), local_image(), web_image()

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