gt_latex_dependencies: Get the LaTeX dependencies required for a *gt* table

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Get the LaTeX dependencies required for a gt table


When working with Rnw (Sweave) files or otherwise writing LaTeX code, including a gt table can be problematic if we don't have knowledge of the LaTeX dependencies. For the most part, these dependencies are the LaTeX packages that are required for rendering a gt table. The gt_latex_dependencies() function provides an object that can be used to provide the LaTeX in an Rnw file, allowing gt tables to work and not yield errors due to missing packages.




Here is an example Rnw document that shows how the gt_latex_dependencies() can be used in conjunction with a gt table:




<<results='asis', echo=FALSE>>=


<<results='asis', echo=FALSE>>=



An object of class knit_asis.

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Function Introduced

v0.2.0.5 (March 31, 2020)

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