opt_align_table_header: Option to align the table header

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Option to align the table header


By default, a table header added to a gt table has center alignment for both the title and the subtitle elements. This function allows us to easily set the horizontal alignment of the title and subtitle to the left or right by using the "align" argument. This function serves as a convenient shortcut for ⁠<gt_tbl> |> tab_options(heading.align = <align>)⁠.


opt_align_table_header(data, align = c("left", "center", "right"))



The gt table data object

⁠obj:<gt_tbl>⁠ // required

This is the gt table object that is commonly created through use of the gt() function.


Header alignment

⁠singl-kw:[left|center|right]⁠ // default: "left"

The alignment of the title and subtitle elements in the table header. Options are "left" (the default), "center", or "right".


An object of class gt_tbl.


Use the exibble dataset to create a gt table with a number of table parts added (using functions like summary_rows(), grand_summary_rows(), and more). Following that, we'll align the header contents (consisting of the title and the subtitle) to the left with the opt_align_table_header() function.

exibble |>
  gt(rowname_col = "row", groupname_col = "group") |>
    groups = "grp_a",
    columns = c(num, currency),
    fns = c("min", "max")
  ) |>
    columns = currency,
    fns = total ~ sum(., na.rm = TRUE)
  ) |>
  tab_source_note(source_note = "This is a source note.") |>
    footnote = "This is a footnote.",
    locations = cells_body(columns = 1, rows = 1)
  ) |>
    title = "The title of the table",
    subtitle = "The table's subtitle"
  ) |>
  opt_align_table_header(align = "left")
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Function Introduced

v0.2.0.5 (March 31, 2020)

See Also

Other table option functions: opt_all_caps(), opt_css(), opt_footnote_marks(), opt_footnote_spec(), opt_horizontal_padding(), opt_interactive(), opt_row_striping(), opt_stylize(), opt_table_font(), opt_table_lines(), opt_table_outline(), opt_vertical_padding()

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