opt_vertical_padding: Option to expand or contract vertical padding

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Option to expand or contract vertical padding


Increase or decrease the vertical padding throughout all locations of a gt table by use of a scale factor, which here is defined by a real number between 0 and 3. This function serves as a shortcut for setting the following eight options in tab_options():

  • heading.padding

  • column_labels.padding

  • data_row.padding

  • row_group.padding

  • summary_row.padding

  • grand_summary_row.padding

  • footnotes.padding

  • source_notes.padding


opt_vertical_padding(data, scale = 1)



The gt table data object

⁠obj:<gt_tbl>⁠ // required

This is the gt table object that is commonly created through use of the gt() function.


Scale factor

⁠scalar<numeric|integer>(0>=val>=3)⁠ // default: 1

A scale factor by which the vertical padding will be adjusted. Must be a number between 0 and 3.


An object of class gt_tbl.


Use the exibble dataset to create a gt table with a number of table parts added (using functions like summary_rows(), grand_summary_rows(), and more). Following that, we'll lessen the amount of vertical padding across the entire table with opt_vertical_padding(). Using a scale value of 0.25 (down from the default of 1) means the the vertical space will be greatly reduced, resulting in a more compact table.

exibble |>
  gt(rowname_col = "row", groupname_col = "group") |>
    groups = "grp_a",
    columns = c(num, currency),
    fns = c("min", "max")
  ) |>
    columns = currency,
    fns = total ~ sum(., na.rm = TRUE)
  ) |>
  tab_source_note(source_note = "This is a source note.") |>
    footnote = "This is a footnote.",
    locations = cells_body(columns = 1, rows = 1)
  ) |>
    title = "The title of the table",
    subtitle = "The table's subtitle"
  ) |>
  opt_vertical_padding(scale = 0.25)
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Function ID


Function Introduced

v0.4.0 (February 15, 2022)

See Also

Other table option functions: opt_align_table_header(), opt_all_caps(), opt_css(), opt_footnote_marks(), opt_footnote_spec(), opt_horizontal_padding(), opt_interactive(), opt_row_striping(), opt_stylize(), opt_table_font(), opt_table_lines(), opt_table_outline()

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