tbl_merge: Merge two or more gtsummary objects

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tbl_mergeR Documentation

Merge two or more gtsummary objects


Merges two or more tbl_regression, tbl_uvregression, tbl_stack, tbl_summary, or tbl_svysummary objects and adds appropriate spanning headers.


tbl_merge(tbls, tab_spanner = NULL)



List of gtsummary objects to merge


Character vector specifying the spanning headers. Must be the same length as tbls. The strings are interpreted with gt::md. Must be same length as tbls argument. Default is NULL, and places a default spanning header. If FALSE, no header will be placed.


A tbl_merge object

Example Output

Example 1

image of rendered example table

Example 2

image of rendered example table


Daniel D. Sjoberg

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# Example 1 ----------------------------------
# Side-by-side Regression Models
t1 <-
  glm(response ~ trt + grade + age, trial, family = binomial) %>%
  tbl_regression(exponentiate = TRUE)
t2 <-
  coxph(Surv(ttdeath, death) ~ trt + grade + age, trial) %>%
  tbl_regression(exponentiate = TRUE)
tbl_merge_ex1 <-
    tbls = list(t1, t2),
    tab_spanner = c("**Tumor Response**", "**Time to Death**")

# Example 2 ----------------------------------
# Descriptive statistics alongside univariate regression, with no spanning header
t3 <-
  trial[c("age", "grade", "response")] %>%
  tbl_summary(missing = "no") %>%
  add_n() %>%
  modify_header(stat_0 ~ "**Summary Statistics**")
t4 <-
    trial[c("ttdeath", "death", "age", "grade", "response")],
    method = coxph,
    y = Surv(ttdeath, death),
    exponentiate = TRUE,
    hide_n = TRUE

tbl_merge_ex2 <-
  tbl_merge(tbls = list(t3, t4)) %>%
  modify_spanning_header(everything() ~ NA_character_)

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