cvc_read_loops: read HDF5 loop files in the CVC loop format

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cvc_read_loopsR Documentation

read HDF5 loop files in the CVC loop format


The CVC naive_loops code produces HDF5 files which contain a matrix of momenta and the data for the loops (without spin projection) organised by stochastic sample. Currently, the reading code assumes that there is a single configuration stored per file and the "trajectory" parameter in CalcLoops is assumed to take its default value of '4'.


cvc_read_loops(selections, files, Time, nstoch, verbose = FALSE,
  check_group_names = FALSE)



Named list with names from the list 'Naive', 'Scalar', 'dOp', 'Loops' 'LpsDw', 'LpsDwCv', 'LoopsCv' specifying the requesetd loop types. The elements of this list are in turn expected be data frames of the form

qx qy qz
0 0 1
-2 1 -3
... ... ...

specifying the momentum combinations to be extracted for each loop type.


Vector of strings, list of HDF5 files to be processed.


Integer, time extent of the lattice.


Integer, number of stochastic samples to be expected in file.


Boolean, output I/O time per file. Requires 'tictoc' package. Default FALSE.


Boolean, check if the group names that we're about to read actually exist in the file. This is quite slow because it uses rhdf5::h5ls. Default FALSE.


Named nested list of the same length as selections containg the loop data in the raw_cf format. Each named element corresponds to one loop type and each element of the underlying numbered list corresponds to one momentum combination as specified via selections for this loop type in the same order.

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