Man pages for haplo.stats
Statistical Analysis of Haplotypes with Traits and Covariates when Linkage Phase is Ambiguous

anova.haplo.glmAnalysis of variance for haplo.glm model fit
chisq.powerPower and sample size for the chi-square distribution
find.haplo.beta.qtFind beta coefficients for risk haplotypes, for specified r2
fitted.haplo.glmFitted values from haplo.glm fit
f.powerPower and sample size for the F distribution
geno1to2convert genotype matrix from 1-column 2-column
geno.count.pairsCounts of Total Haplotype Pairs Produced by Genotypes
get.hapPairGet a list of objects for haplotype pairs
GinvCompute Generalized Inverse of Input Matrix
haplo.ccHaplotype Association Analysis in a Case-Control design
haplo.designBuild a design matrix for haplotypes
haplo.emEM Computation of Haplotype Probabilities, with Progressive...
haplo.em.controlCreate the Control Parameters for the EM Computation of...
haplo.em.fitterCompute engine for haplotype EM algorithm
haplo.glmGLM Regression of Trait on Ambiguous Haplotypes
haplo.glm.controlCreate list of control parameters for haplo.glm
haplo.groupFrequencies for Haplotypes by Grouping Variable
haplo.hashInteger Rank Codes for Haplotypes
haplo.model.frameSets up a model frame for haplo.glm
haplo.power.ccCompute either power or sample size for haplotype...
haplo.power.qtCompute either power or sample size for haplotype...
haplo.scanSearch for a trait-locus by sliding a fixed-width window over...
haplo.scoreScore Statistics for Association of Traits with Haplotypes
haplo.score.mergeMerge haplo.score And Objects
haplo.score.slideScore Statistics for Association of Traits with Haplotypes
hapPower.demoSet of haplotypes and frequencies for power and sample size...
hla.demoHLA Loci and Serologic Response to Measles Vaccination
internalHaploStatsInternal functions for the HaploStats package. See the help...
locator.haploFind Location from Mouse Clicks and Print Haplotypes on Plot
locusCreates an object of class "locus"
louis.infoLouis Information for haplo.glm
na.geno.keepRemove rows with NA in covariates, but keep genotypes with...
plot.haplo.scorePlot Haplotype Frequencies versus Haplotype Score Statistics
plot.haplo.score.slidePlot a haplo.score.slide Object
plot.seqhapPlot a seqhap object
printBannerPrint a nice banner
print.haplo.ccPrint a object
print.haplo.emPrint contents of a haplo.em object
print.haplo.groupPrint a object
print.haplo.scanPrint a haplo.scan object
print.haplo.scorePrint a haplo.score object
print.haplo.score.mergePrint a haplo.score.merge object
print.haplo.score.slidePrint the contents of a haplo.score.slide object
residuals.haplo.glmAccessing residuals for haplo.glm fit
score.sim.controlCreate the list of control parameters for simulations in...
seqhapSequential Haplotype Scan Association Analysis for...
seqhap.datSimulated data for seqhap examples
setupGenoCreate a group of locus objects from a genotype matrix,...
summaryGenoSummarize Full Haplotype Enumeration on Genotype Matrix
summary.haplo.emSummarize contents of a haplo.em object
summary.haplo.glmPrint and summary of a haplo.glm object
vcov.haplo.glmvariance-covariance matrix of a fitted haplo.glm object
x.sexcheckconsistency checks for x.linked locus
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