modeling-package: Create a modeling package

modeling-packageR Documentation

Create a modeling package


create_modeling_package() will:

  • Call usethis::create_package() to set up a new R package.

  • Call use_modeling_deps().

  • Call use_modeling_files().

use_modeling_deps() will:

  • Add hardhat, rlang, and stats to Imports

  • Add recipes to Suggests

  • If roxygen2 is available, use roxygen markdown

use_modeling_files() will:

  • Add a package documentation file

  • Generate and populate 3 files in ⁠R/⁠:

    • {{model}}-constructor.R

    • {{model}}-fit.R

    • {{model}}-predict.R


create_modeling_package(path, model, fields = NULL, open = interactive())





A path. If it exists, it is used. If it does not exist, it is created, provided that the parent path exists.


A string. The name of the high level modeling function that users will call. For example, "linear_regression". This will be used to populate the skeleton. Spaces are not allowed.


A named list of fields to add to DESCRIPTION, potentially overriding default values. See usethis::use_description() for how you can set personalized defaults using package options.


If TRUE, activates the new project:

  • If RStudio desktop, the package is opened in a new session.

  • If on RStudio server, the current RStudio project is activated.

  • Otherwise, the working directory and active project is changed.


create_modeling_package() returns the project path invisibly.

use_modeling_deps() returns invisibly.

use_modeling_files() return model invisibly.

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