merge_pair.hermite_estimator_bivar: Merges two bivariate Hermite estimators

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merge_pair.hermite_estimator_bivarR Documentation

Merges two bivariate Hermite estimators


This method allows a pair of Hermite based estimators of class hermite_estimator_bivar to be consistently merged.


## S3 method for class 'hermite_estimator_bivar'
merge_pair(h_est_obj, hermite_estimator_other)



A hermite_estimator_bivar object. The first Hermite series based estimator.


A hermite_estimator_bivar object. The second Hermite series based estimator.


Note that the N and standardize arguments must be the same for the two estimators in order to merge them. In addition, note that exponentially weighted estimators cannot be merged. If the Hermite estimators are not standardized, the merged estimator will be exactly equivalent to constructing a single estimator on the data set formed by combining the data sets used to update the respective hermite_estimator_bivar inputs. If the input Hermite estimators are standardized however, then the equivalence will be approximate but still accurate in most cases.


An object of class hermite_estimator_bivar.

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