hydroGOF: Goodness-of-fit functions for comparison of simulated and observed hydrological time series

S3 functions implementing both statistical and graphical goodness-of-fit measures between observed and simulated values, mainly oriented to be used during the calibration, validation, and application of hydrological models. Missing values in observed and/or simulated values can be removed before computations. Comments / questions / collaboration of any kind are very welcomed.

AuthorMauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini [aut, cre]
Date of publication2014-02-04 21:05:43
MaintainerMauricio Zambrano Bigiarini <mzb.devel@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)
http://www.rforge.net/hydroGOF/, http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/hydroGOF/

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br2 Man page
br2.data.frame Man page
br2.default Man page
br2.matrix Man page
br2.zoo Man page
cp Man page
cp.data.frame Man page
cp.default Man page
cp.matrix Man page
cp.zoo Man page
d Man page
d.data.frame Man page
d.default Man page
d.matrix Man page
d.zoo Man page
EgaEnEstellaQts Man page
ggof Man page
gof Man page
gof.data.frame Man page
gof.default Man page
gof.matrix Man page
gof.zoo Man page
hydroGOF Man page
hydroGOF-package Man page
.intersect Man page
KGE Man page
KGE.data.frame Man page
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KGE.zoo Man page
mae Man page
mae.data.frame Man page
mae.default Man page
mae.matrix Man page
mae.zoo Man page
md Man page
md.data.frame Man page
md.default Man page
md.matrix Man page
md.zoo Man page
me Man page
me.data.frame Man page
me.default Man page
me.matrix Man page
me.zoo Man page
mse Man page
mse.data.frame Man page
mse.default Man page
mse.matrix Man page
mse.zoo Man page
nrmse Man page
nrmse.data.frame Man page
nrmse.default Man page
nrmse.matrix Man page
nrmse.zoo Man page
NSE Man page
NSE.data.frame Man page
NSE.default Man page
NSeff Man page
NSE.matrix Man page
NSE.zoo Man page
pbias Man page
pbias.data.frame Man page
pbias.default Man page
pbiasfdc Man page
pbiasfdc.data.frame Man page
pbiasfdc.default Man page
pbiasfdc.matrix Man page
pbiasfdc.zoo Man page
pbias.matrix Man page
pbias.zoo Man page
pfactor Man page
pfactor.data.frame Man page
pfactor.default Man page
pfactor.matrix Man page
plot2 Man page
plotbands Man page
plotbandsonly Man page
rd Man page
rd.data.frame Man page
rd.default Man page
rd.matrix Man page
rd.zoo Man page
rfactor Man page
rfactor.data.frame Man page
rfactor.default Man page
rfactor.matrix Man page
rmse Man page
rmse.data.frame Man page
rmse.default Man page
rmse.matrix Man page
rmse.zoo Man page
rSD Man page
rSD.data.frame Man page
rSD.default Man page
rSD.matrix Man page
rSD.zoo Man page
rsr Man page
rsr.data.frame Man page
rsr.default Man page
rsr.matrix Man page
rsr.zoo Man page
ssq Man page
ssq.data.frame Man page
ssq.default Man page
ssq.matrix Man page
valindex Man page
valindex.default Man page
valindex.matrix Man page
VE Man page
VE.data.frame Man page
VE.default Man page
VE.matrix Man page
VE.zoo Man page


hydroGOF/R/d.R hydroGOF/R/rSD.R hydroGOF/R/nrmse.R hydroGOF/R/VE.R hydroGOF/R/ggof.R hydroGOF/R/pbiasfdc.R hydroGOF/R/rsr.R hydroGOF/R/NSE.R hydroGOF/R/cp.R hydroGOF/R/me.R hydroGOF/R/br2.R hydroGOF/R/KGE.R hydroGOF/R/mse.R hydroGOF/R/rmse.R hydroGOF/R/rfactor.R hydroGOF/R/pfactor.R hydroGOF/R/mae.R hydroGOF/R/rd.R hydroGOF/R/plotbandsonly.R hydroGOF/R/valindex.R hydroGOF/R/ssq.R hydroGOF/R/plotbands.R hydroGOF/R/rNSE.R hydroGOF/R/gof.R hydroGOF/R/mNSE.R hydroGOF/R/pbias.R hydroGOF/R/md.R hydroGOF/R/plot2.R hydroGOF/R/rPearson.R
hydroGOF/man/pfactor.Rd hydroGOF/man/me.Rd hydroGOF/man/VE.Rd hydroGOF/man/rmse.Rd hydroGOF/man/hydroGOF-package.Rd
hydroGOF/man/br2.Rd hydroGOF/man/rsr.Rd hydroGOF/man/NSE.Rd hydroGOF/man/plot2.Rd hydroGOF/man/pbiasfdc.Rd hydroGOF/man/mae.Rd
hydroGOF/man/plotbandsonly.Rd hydroGOF/man/hydroGOF-internal.Rd hydroGOF/man/rd.Rd hydroGOF/man/d.Rd hydroGOF/man/ggof.Rd hydroGOF/man/KGE.Rd hydroGOF/man/md.Rd hydroGOF/man/rfactor.Rd hydroGOF/man/ssq.Rd hydroGOF/man/cp.Rd hydroGOF/man/mse.Rd hydroGOF/man/rSD.Rd hydroGOF/man/nrmse.Rd hydroGOF/man/plotbands.Rd hydroGOF/man/pbias.Rd hydroGOF/man/valindex.Rd hydroGOF/man/gof.Rd hydroGOF/man/EgaEnEstellaQts.Rd

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