Man pages for hydroGOF
Goodness-of-Fit Functions for Comparison of Simulated and Observed Hydrological Time Series

cpCoefficient of persistence
dIndex of Agreement
EgaEnEstellaQtsEga in "Estella" (Q071), ts with daily streamflows.
ggofGraphical Goodness of Fit
gofNumerical Goodness-of-fit measures
hydroGOF-internalInternal hydroGOF objects
hydroGOF-packageGoodness-of-fit (GoF) functions for numerical and graphical...
KGEKling-Gupta Efficiency
maeMean Absolute Error
mdModified index of agreement
meMean Error
mNSEModified Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency
mseMean Squared Error
nrmseNormalized Root Mean Square Error
NSENash-Sutcliffe Efficiency
pbiasPercent Bias
pbiasfdcPercent Bias in the Slope of the Midsegment of the Flow...
plot2Plotting 2 Time Series
plotbandsPlot a ts with observed values and two confidence bounds
plotbandsonlyAdds uncertainty bounds to an existing plot.
rdRelative Index of Agreement
rmseRoot Mean Square Error
rNSERelative Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency
rPearsonMean Squared Error
rSDRatio of Standard Deviations
rsrRatio of RMSE to the standard deviation of the observations
ssqSum of the Squared Residuals
valindexValid Indexes
VEVolumetric Efficiency
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