Man pages for hydrotoolbox
Hydrological Tools for Handling Hydro-Meteorological Data Records

agg2annuallyAggregates a data frame to annually resolution
agg2climaticAggregates a data frame to climatic resolution
agg2dailyAggregates a data frame to daily resolution
agg2hourlyAggregates a data frame to hourly resolution
agg2monthlyAggregates a data frame to monthly resolution
agg_tableAggregates a data frame to a larger time period
build_tableCreate a basic data frame for plotting
check_classCheck class for arguments
check_crossCheck cross for argument coherence
check_lengthCheck argument length
check_numericCheck numeric argument consistency
check_stringCheck string argument consistency
col_statsGet an specific matrix columns statistics.
cum_sumCumulative sum
dual_y_tableRescale the data frame values in order to graph a dual y axis...
fill_tableFind non-reported dates and fill them with 'NA_real_'
ggplot_tableCreates suitable table for 'ggplot2'
hm_aggAggregates the table inside a slot to a larger time period
hm_buildLoad native data files automatically
hm_createCreates an hydromet object.
hm_getExtract the slot
hm_meltMelt many objects into an 'hydromet_compact' class object
hm_mutateCreate, modify and delete columns inside a slot
hm_nameSet new column names
hm_plotMethods to easily use 'ggplot2' or 'plotly' (interactive)
hm_reportGet a summary report of your data
hm_setSet the data of an 'hydromet' object or its subclass
hm_showEasy access to see your data
hm_subsetSubset your data by dates
hydromet-class'hydromet' superclass object
hydromet_compact-class'hydromet' subclass for compact data
hydromet_station-class'hydromet' subclass for store hydro-meteorological records.
mov_avgMoving average windows
qm_volMonthly river discharge [m3/s] to volume [hm3]
read_aicReads data from AIC
read_cr2Reads data from Explorador Climático (CR2 - Chile)
read_dgiReads data from Departamento General de Irrigación -...
read_ianiglaReads data from Sistema de Monitoreo Meteorológico de Alta...
read_mnemosReads data provided by MNEMOS software (SNIH - Argentina)
read_snihReads data from Servicio Nacional de Información Hídrica...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
report_missReport 'NA_real_' values inside a table.
rm_spikeRemove spikes
set_thresholdSet a threshold
set_valueSet user defined values
swe_deriveSnow Water Equivalent to melt or snowfall
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