hydromet_compact-class: 'hydromet' subclass for compact data

hydromet_compact-classR Documentation

hydromet subclass for compact data


This subclass is useful for storing in a single data frame ready to use hydro-meteorological series or many variables of the same kind (e.g. lets say precipitation series).


A hydromet_compact class object.



data.frame with Date as first column (class 'Date' or 'POSIXct'). All other columns are the numeric hydro-meteorological variables (double). This subclass was though to join in a single table ready to use data (e.g. in modeling). You can also use it to put together variables of the same kind (e.g. precipitation records) to make some regional analysis.


## Not run: 
# create an compact station
hm_create(class_name = "compact")

## End(Not run)

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