Man pages for ipumsr
Read 'IPUMS' Extract Files

dplyr_select_styleSelect-style helpers from dplyr
ipums_bind_rowsBind rows together, but preserve labelled class attributes
ipums_callbackCallback classes
ipums_collectCollect data into R session with IPUMS attributes
ipums_conditionsGet IPUMS citation and conditions
ipums_exampleGet path to ipums example datasets
ipums_file_infoGet IPUMS file information
ipums_list_filesList files available for analysis in an IPUMS extract
ipumsr-packageipumsr: Read 'IPUMS' Extract Files
ipums_shape_left_joinJoin data to geographic boundaries
ipums_var_infoGet IPUMS variable information
ipums_viewView a static webpage with variable information from a IPUMS...
ipums_websiteLaunch a browser window to the ipums website
join_failuresReport on observations dropped by a join
lblMake a label placeholder object
lbl_addAdd labels for unlabelled values
lbl_cleanClean unused labels
lbl_collapseCollapse labelled values to labels that already exist
lbl_defineDefine labels for an unlabelled vector
lbl_na_ifSet labelled values to missing
lbl_relabelRelabel labelled values
make_ddi_from_scratchCreate DDI structure (for internal use)
read_ipums_codebookRead metadata from a text codebook in a NHGIS or Terra...
read_ipums_ddiRead metadata about an IPUMS extract from a DDI (.xml) file
read_ipums_microRead data from an IPUMS extract
read_ipums_micro_chunkedRead data from an IPUMS extract (in chunks)
read_ipums_micro_yieldRead data from an IPUMS extract (in yields)
read_ipums_sfRead boundary files from an IPUMS extract
read_nhgisRead data from an NHGIS extract
read_terra_areaRead data from an IPUMS Terra area extract
read_terra_microRead data from an IPUMS Terra microdata extract
read_terra_rasterRead data from an IPUMS Terra raster extract
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
set_ipums_var_attributesAdd IPUMS variable attributes to a data.frame
zap_ipums_attributesRemove all IPUMS attributes from a variable (or all variables...
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