ipums_list_files: List files contained within a zipped IPUMS extract

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List files contained within a zipped IPUMS extract


Identify the files that can be read from an IPUMS extract.


  file_select = NULL,
  types = NULL,
  data_layer = deprecated(),
  shape_layer = deprecated(),
  raster_layer = deprecated()



Path to a .zip archive containing the IPUMS extract to be examined.


If the path in file contains multiple files, a tidyselect selection identifying the files to be included in the output. Only files that match the provided expression will be included.

While less useful, this can also be provided as a string specifying an exact file name or an integer to match files by index position.


One or more of "data" or "shape" indicating the type of files to include in the output. "data" refers to tabular data sources, while "shape" refers to spatial data sources.

The use of "raster" has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

data_layer, shape_layer, raster_layer

[Deprecated] Please use file_select instead.


A tibble containing the types and names of the available files.

See Also

read_ipums_micro() or read_nhgis() to read tabular data from an IPUMS extract.

read_ipums_sf() to read spatial data from an IPUMS extract.


nhgis_file <- ipums_example("nhgis0712_csv.zip")

# 2 available files in this extract

# Look for files that match a particular pattern:
ipums_list_files(nhgis_file, file_select = matches("ds136"))

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