ipums_var_info: Get IPUMS variable information

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Get IPUMS variable information


Get IPUMS metadata information about variables loaded into R. Will try to read the metadata from the loaded datasets, but it is more reliable to load the DDI into a separate object and use it instead.


ipums_var_info(object, vars = NULL)

ipums_var_desc(object, var = NULL)

ipums_var_label(object, var = NULL)

ipums_val_labels(object, var = NULL)



A DDI object (loaded with read_ipums_ddi), a data.frame with ipums metadata attached, or a single column from an ipums data.frame.


dplyr select-style notation for the variables to give information about


select-style notation for a single variable

ipums_var_info() loads all available variable information for one or more variables into a data.frame. If object is a vector, it will include the variable label, variable description and value labels. If object is a data.frame, it will include it for all variables (or only those specified by vars). If it is a DDI, it will also include information used to read the data from disk, including start/end position in the fixed-width file, implied decimals and variable type.

ipums_var_desc() loads the variable description for a single variable.

ipums_var_label() loads the short variable label for a single variable.

ipums_val_labels() loads the value labels for a single variable.

Note that many R functions drop attributes that provide this information. In order to make sure that they are available, it is best to keep a copy of the separate from the data your are manipulating using read_ipums_ddi. Then you can refer to the IPUMS documentation in this object.


ipums_var_info returns a tbl_df data frame with variable information, and the other functions return a length 1 character vector.


ddi <- read_ipums_ddi(ipums_example("cps_00006.xml"))

ipums_var_desc(ddi, MONTH)
ipums_var_label(ddi, MONTH)
ipums_val_labels(ddi, MONTH)

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