idaho: Mapped plant community time series, Dubois, ID

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A list with two datasets containing presence-absence and environmental data for a plant community of sagebrush steppe in Dubois, Idaho, USA


A list with 2 dataframes, one corresponding to the presence-absence data and the other to the environmental variables. The first dataframe has in columns:


Name of the quadrat surveyed


Name of the species found

Presence-absence data

Several columns with the year in which the surveys were conducted

The second dataframe has the following columns:


Year in which surveys were conducted

Environmental variables

Data of the recorded environmental variables in the form XXX.YYY, where XXX denotes a month (or a total) and YYY can refer to snow (in inches), temperature (fahrenheit degrees) or precipitation (in inches)


A historical dataset consisting of a series of permanent 1-m^2 quadrats located on the sagebrush steppe in eastern Idaho, USA, between 1923 and 1973. It also contains records of monthly precipitation, mean temperature and snowfall. Total precipitation, total snowfall, and mean annual temperature have been calculated from the original data.


Only quadrats Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q25 and Q26 are included here. The surveys were conducted annually from 1932 to 1955 with some gaps for the quadrats included here.



Zachmann, L., Moffet, C., and Adler, P.. (2010). Mapped quadrats in sagebrush steppe long-term data for analyzing demographic rates and plant-plant interactions. Ecology, 91(11), 3427–3427.

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